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How to use Feedburner on your own domain

Using Feedburner on Your Own Domain

In one of our previous blog posts about Feedburner we have covered setting it up, tuning it to your WordPress feed, setting up the pings and feeding your content to Twitter automatically. Today we’ll talk a little bit about branding and control — how to setup Feedburner to serve feeds from your very own domain name. … Permalink


How To: Publish Your Blog Posts to Twitter with Google Feedburner — In Real Time

Feeds are not new to WordPress, and neither is Feedburner. Are you tired of tweeting your posts from your blog every time you publish them? Well Feedburner, Socialize, XML-RPC update services and WordPress will solve that issue for you, in real-time! I’m sure you’re aware of what RSS feeds are and have a clue of … Permalink