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WordCamp San Francisco Day 3

WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 3

If you missed it, here are the overviews of day 1 and day 2, so today we’ll continue our coverage of the third and final day. Just a reminder that we’re not really on the spot, but watching the live video stream, although we do have many of our friends sending us pics and stuff … Permalink

WordCamp San Francisco Day 2

WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 2

We did an overview of day 1 yesterday here on Theme.fm and today we’ll continue our journey today. We’re watching the live stream (as it appears) and posting some of the most exciting moments, tweets, quotes and photos from the sessions. All to this post so we’ll update once in a while and announce our … Permalink

WordCamp San Francisco Day 1

WordCamp San Francisco 2011: Day 1

So it’s Friday and we’re at the event. Some of us are in the conference hall, some are watching (or at least trying to watch) the live stream, others are simply following the Twitter stream. We’ll keep this post as a pseudo-live blog, we’ll try to gather the most interesting tweets, photos and things said … Permalink

WordCamp San Francisco: Coming Soon

50 Speakers, 3 Days and 1000 WordPress Geeks

WordCamp San Francisco 2011! Starting this Friday and going on for three whole days with over 50 speakers and a thousand WordPress geeks. The perfect time to make new friends and learn new things, and the lovely part is that it’s all about WordPress! Unfortunately all the tickets have been sold out but $30/day and … Permalink

wpMail.me WordPress Newsletter

wpMail.me: A Newsletter All About WordPress

I don’t know about you but sometimes its like information overload these days. Searching and sifting through the internet is exhausting enough before you even get a chance to read what you find. So yes we’re all ‘google-afied’ when it comes to searching about everything related to WordPress – but wouldn’t it be nice to … Permalink

WordPress 3.3 Scope Defined

WordPress 3.3 Scope Defined, Expected November 15th

The weekly WordPress development meeting has been held yesterday and the main discussion was the scope of work for the next major WordPress release, 3.3 expected in mid-November this year. I have to admit that the update is not as exciting as 3.2 was but hey, there’s room for bug fixing and minor code and … Permalink


WordPress 3.2 Launched and Named Gershwin

So as anticipated the launch of WordPress 3.2 came last night and not only marked the 4th of July U.S holiday but has also been named “Gershwin” in dedication to the famous pianist and composer George Gershwin. As we’ve been previewing screenshots of the new version, for those who haven’t updated to the new version … Permalink

Welcome to Theme.fm

And so it begins…

As all good things come to those who wait – we can say for sure that’s its been well worth the wait for us. We’ve been fine tuning our work for a while now and we think its about time we share part of that tuning process with you. To say that we’re WordPress aficionado’s … Permalink

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