Welcome to Theme.fm – WordPress News & Tutorials, Screencasts

Welcome to Theme.fm – WordPress News & Tutorials, Screencasts

18 septembre 2016 0 Par Nicolas

As all good things come to those who wait – we can say for sure that’s its been well worth the wait for us. We’ve been fine tuning our work for a while now and we think its about time we share part of that tuning process with you. 

To say that we’re WordPress aficionado’s is one thing but more importantly it’s being a part of the WordPress community that really brings out our shared passions. We want Theme.fm to be a place for us to share our ideas but also to hear about yours too.

With Theme.fm we’ll be showing you a range of different ways you can fine-tune WordPress to work exactly how you want it to.

We’ll be digging into themes and plugins and giving them a thorough work up to check out the design and code and tell you what we think. This wont just be any ol’ review it’ll be our own critics choice of themes.

WordPress has grown exponentially and being part of that growth is what keeps us all on our toes – and so we’ll be picking out what we think are the most important highlights and stories to keep you in the know.

We know Themers like to experiment with innovative ways to work with WordPress and plus it’s the part we love the most – so we’ll also have some nifty tutorials showing some of our own tuning methods. We’ll be posting up our own exclusive screencasts and videos too!

Of course we’ll have the obligatory freebies! We’ve got some really tasty icon sets and website layouts that we’ll be sharing with you. Plus regular Free Theme giveaways are going to be a major feature on Theme.fm.

Anyway we’re looking forward to hearing back from you with your thoughts, opinions and views. We’ve already had a chance to get to know some extremely talented personalities in the WordPress community and we’re looking forward to getting to know some more of you – particularly the opinionated bunch!

This is just the brink of the WordPress evolution and we cant wait to see what more is in store.